work in progress

Interactive show for unconventional spaces.

Dance, music, theatre, performance.

A rope, both a metaphor and a concrete material object: creating links.

A rope to make tangible the invisible that binds us together.

A circle of ropes to materialise an ephemeral community. A ray, a network, a knot, a braid, a tangle, to encourage interaction and questioning, to invite movement.

A relationship made by weaving other relationships.
An ordinary object for the extra-ordinary time of an artistic ritual.

A universal artisanal material that invites the spectator, the participant, the performer and the landscape to weave a poetic, powerful and sensitive narrative.

For this new dreamlike choreographic and musical journey, Beatriz Navarro (Mexico), Naoko Ishiwada (Tokyo), Dasha Sedova (Moscow) and Juri Cainero (Arzo) weave together their different roots to create an artistic proposal that questions the complexity, cruelty and beauty of our relationships.