Modern ritual for primitive times


Hunger and sex move the world. Whether it’s famine and prohibition or unbridled consumerism, our most archaic pulsions are the first to be manipulated.

Perhaps it is there, below, at the root of our pulsions, in the underworld, that Art is most intensely needed.

You are invited to a theatrical and musical incursion to the underworld, at the crossroads between poetic and grotesque, between terrifying and playful. An improbable ritual that will lead you to the encounter of ghosts and masks, a half-woman, half-television chimera and other unknown, but strangely familiar, divinities.

They will make you dance they will sing, they will make you laugh and they will scare you, they will fight and devour each other, they will die and be re-born, in the alchemic attempt to transform into beauty the dark and wild matter of human compulsions.